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I have used many useful freewares which I shared with my friends. They are happy to use the same. Some friends suggested me to display it on my site for the benefit and convenience of others.So the freewares are mentioned below and given without any interest and responsibility. However, your comments and suggestions are welcomed. In case you are using any other utility or useful freeware, you may intimate me with detail and name of websites which would be added for the benefit of all of us.

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USEFUL COMMANDS: Click this link to have some useful commands.

The objective is that you execute the EmC, delete the unsolicited messages and thereafter execute your email program receiving only the messages that had remained in the account. Filtering Process
The user can set filtering criteria for all received messages by:
Sender, Subject, Header, Body, Existence of sender’s domain, Anti-Spam, Black List, Attachment verification, with our Filtering Wizard and maintain White List of friends email.


NetSonic is the world's FASTEST, SMARTEST Internet Accelerator !
NetSonic is the BEST free product of 1999 according to PC World Magazine.It helps in off line browsing also as it store visited web pages in its cache memory.
NetSonic v2.5 now comes with Gator, a smart online companion that accelerates filling out of all online forms and remembers username and passwords of subsribed websites.
Web Site:
Faster download upto 400%, resume supported
Web Site: or
It is one of the best file manager. PowerDesk replaces the Windows Explorer, adding This version of PowerDesk consists of the full-featured, powerful file manager, which comes with a number of features:· File Finder· Dual pane view· Zip and unzip capabilities· encrypt and decrypt files, and to destroy files beyond recovery, much like a paper-shredder for electronic files* Full support of QuickView and QuickView plus for viewing files· Customizable launchbar· Optional “Floating” viewer pane· …and more.
Web Site:
Compress is a cool and new way to save valued hard disk space on your computer. You can lock the file with password also.
Web Site:
Busylite (Accounting Software)
Voucher entry, Invoicing, Stock, Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/C, Balance Sheet, Sales Tax Register, Sales Tax Forms Receivable & Payable etc. Best for Indian environment. Pro Versions also available with more facilities.
Web Site: 
Newbieclub Member
Free newsletter. Extraordinary range of Free Tutorials, Newbie Books, Articles, email courses, problemsolving, Newbie Software and links to the best Internet and Computer learning Resources on the Web.
Web Site:
TypeItIn was created to make it easier to fill out forms on the web or any other program. Any string you need to type frequently can be assigned to a button. For example, you can create a button called 'FirstName' that will type 'Paul' wherever the cursor is in your active window.
You can use TypeItIn to perform any repetitive task. Use it to enter your name and address into forms, use it to create HTML pages, or to add special signatures to the end of emails. It's applications are only limited by your imagination! You can also insert the Date or Time, Select from a List, or Run an external program.
Web Site: Email
ShortKeys is a macro utility allowing you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity on a global nature and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text.
Web Site:
InoculateIT is a world class range of anti-virus software which can be deployed to suit any business or organisation. InoculateIT PE is a cutting edge, high performance virus package specifically designed to protect small businesses and home users from everyday virus threats. InoculateIT PE is designed to protect individual computers without having to be installed from a network server. If you wish to install anti-virus protection to many computers in a business environment we recommend you evaluate other anti-virus products in the InoculateIT range. This high quality online anti virus tool comes with FREE software updates. It also automatically check the downloaded files from internet.
Web site:
DRIVE RESCUE (Recover Data From Hard Disk)
Find any lost and deleted data on your hard disk even if the partition table is lost!Lost Data, that is the result of a system crash can also be recovered.Discover important file system tables of your hard disk, including paritition table, boot record, FAT and file/directory records.
Web Site: 
This single software has many utilities called Parisien Encryption Tools. *PFE encypts any file with Right Click * VGP Encryption - A simple to use Encrypted Text editor. Great for email.* Parisien Voice Encryption (PVE) - A simple to use Encrypted Voice editor. Great for attaching to emails.* File Vault - Places a number of user selected files in a single self extracting / self decrypting executable file called a File Vault. * FILEWIPE.EXE - this utility is used to permanently delete a file.
Web site:
Max Crypt
Selected files,folders, and even drives are automatically encrypted when the computer is shutdown and decrypted when you log in.
Fine Crypt
FineCrypt is a security software application that enables you to securily store your data on your computer using strong encryption. Quick Encrypt feature lets you encrypt files and folders, create encrypted archives and add new files to an existing archive with just one mouse click.
Web Site:
Password of My Connection1, My Connection2 and so on, passwords of many subscribed websites. Now no need to remember all these passwords. Remember only one password and that two in graphics like combination of playing cards. In addition, you can protect any type of your secret documents with this password facility. And what more, that is beyond immagination, you can Protect any exe file of any software which you want not to be run by any body else. Protect you computer from unauthorized use by password locking your Desktop.
Password Recovery
Many times you have passwords filled in some applications as asterisks(*******). And actually you forget the password what exactly the password is. Recover the same through this small utility.
Fine Print Save Paper & Ink
Print upto 8 pages on single paper sheet to have hard copies of your documents, and save paper and ink.
Easy Clip (All Purpose Utility)
The resources include all drives, IE favorites, email addresses and all aliases for your softwares(no need for shortcuts and clean desktop), run fast, enhanced Clipboard. Select, click the item you want and you are there. Fast.
Babylon is an application for online "on-screen" translation of text in Windows applications. It is the ideal aid for users of textual English Windows application, such as an Internet Browser, an encyclopedia or even the instructions for the latest cool game, who are not native speakers of the English language.
Web Site:
With EasyCleaner you can speed up your computer, free disk space and increase usability by deleting invalid registry entries, deleting invalid shortcuts, deleting duplicate and unnecessary files.
Web Site:
RamBooster is a program that frees up Ram. This is done by forcing Windows to remove all the data that is not currently needed from the memory.
Some advantages of this are:-No more lock-ups-Some applications load as much as 40% faster-Prevents blue screens-Makes websurfing faster, especially if you visit sites with heavy graphics.
Send fax through email and save STD call charges. There are still some people around who say they don't have an e-mail address and they have a fax machine, they're probably wrong! Most faxes (and a lot of overseas ones) can be e-mailed by turning their fax/phone number into a special form and using that as an e-mail address.
Tick(Internet Usage Log)
Interested to record internet usage time, your current call charges, applications to be run at connection and disconnection. Use it. It has some more utilities.
Birthday Reminder
All of us have friends, relatives and other people, who would like us not to forget to congratulate them with their birthdays. Unfortunately, most of us can't keep in our minds all these dates and numbers, and, from time to time, are missing some of the anniversaries. Birthday Scanner is the small utility. It differs from the typical Time Scheduler by the fact that it doesn't occupy ANY memory at all.
V3Mail allows you to make more than voice message and video per email & will automatically give a unique name to each of your additional voice messages.
Web Site:
Group Mail is an email application designed specifically for Mailing List management and Distribution. If you maintain mailing lists or if you regularly send messages to large groups of recipients, then Group Mail will be your saviour. Group Mail is perfect for keeping friends, customers, investors, and clients digitally informed.
Receive your faxes on your regular email account. You will obtain a fax number based in U.S.A. or UK. No need of fax machine. Registered user can receive or send fax by email from anywhere in the world using E-Fax.
ClickTray Calendar: (Address Book, Reminder, Alarm, Planner, Text Book,To Do List, Password Protection. ALL IN ONE)
Do you want all these facialities and that too in one small sofftware. Use it. or
Clipboard Multy
The Yankee Clipper III (YCIII) is a Windows 9x/NT4.0/ME/2000 clipboard memory/stacker that resides in the system tray. It acts as a silent sentry, continually watching the clipboard, waiting for a change in the text contents. You can copy as many pictures, text, rft, URLS and use all of them as per your choice. It saves multy copied files.
Web Site:
KP Typing Tutor for Win95/NT is an easy utility than can help you to learn to type as soon and easy as possible. KP Typing Tutor is Small, yet effective typing program that will help you to learn finger placement or build up speed. A number of options let you practice basic typing exercises, sentences, or longer text. A virtual keyboard, displayed under the text, highlights the key and finger that's to be used.
Edit your photographs, add frames, brightness, contrast etc.
Web Site:
WordTabs is both a plain text editor and a rich text editor, not unlike Wordpad. It tries very hard to be both of these things while remaining a compact, simple-to-use tool. It offers a fairly complete set of features while not getting "word processor" complicated and huge. It also has some advanced functions and features that make it quite useful. It has Spell Check also.
Web Site:
RoughDraft is a freeware word processor. Although suitable for general use, it has features specifically designed for writers of novels, short stories, articles, plays and screenplays. It's designed to be as practical as possible, offering all the features you need, but without being complicated or awkward to use. It has Spell Check also.
This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files in your Windows system directory. Those DLL files in the system directory that have no programs calling on them can be moved out of the system directory, saving disk space and improving system performance. For experienced users.
Web Site:
Find Duplicates - discover duplicated files
Find Duplicates was written to allow you to control your disk space usage by discovering files that are duplicated and, should you so wish, deleting one or more of these duplicates. There are many ways in which duplicate files can be deposited on your hard disk, for example programs which don't check to see if you have a particular DLL installed and install their own private copy in any case, or other programs that install a DLL in your Windows folder when it is already in \Windows\System32. You can also use Find Duplicates to see if any files on a floppy are already present anywhere on your hard disk. For safety, Find Duplicates moves files to the recycle bin before you delete them.
Web Site:
A hard drive cleaning tool for Windows 95, 98 and NT
Web Site:
Start Menu Cleaner is a freeware utility which cleans the Start Menu by removing unneeded shortcuts and folders. Most applications adds folders and shortcuts to the Start Menu. The problem is, when you remove the program, its folders and shortcuts sometimes remains in the Start Menu. This can make your Start Menu somewhat messy. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your Start Menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts which points to files that no longer exist. The result is a smaller, cleaner, more efficient Start Menu.
Web Site:
Talking Clock 2
It displays the current time and optionally announces the time every 15 minutes using a sound card.
TClockEx enhances the standard Windows 95/98/NT clock that is built into the taskbar, providing the ability to display the time AND date in any format you chooses. Extra features in this version include memory/CPU usage monitoring, a popup calendar, and a copy-to-clipboard option. This program is Freeware. Please use and distribute with my pleasure! See the accompanying help file, TCLOCKEX.HLP, for conditions of use and the disclaimer message.
Email: OR
The biggest fault of Windows 95 is the disk cache management strategy. It takes up almost all of the available physical memory. When the system runs out of RAM Windows 95 starts to use virtual memory instead of flushing the disk caches. To change this behavior you have to edit the SYSTEM.INI file. Cacheman is a GUI based tool used to optimize the cache settings and change the mentioned INI file. The result is a much better system performance on most systems, due to the reduced use of the swap file.

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